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oh no it's a MIKEYGASM!

don't act like you're not impressed

Fans of the best Mikey in the world!
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Ode To Mikey Who Is Always Right: by talk_in_circles

Mikey is always right.
Do not tell me he isn't;
I have seen his awe inspiring
Powers of being right
With my Own eyes.

He is always right
so just get it
through your
thick skull.

This is a fan group dedicated to the ever lovely and fuckin' cool allthingsfall.Watch out girls, he's a heartbreaker! Mikey is the shit. We should all worship him like the god that he is!

Sex with Satan would be hot as hell.

this community owned and operated by talk_in_circles, mikey's self proclaimed biggest fan. any questions should be directed to my email address: shescrafty20@hotmail.com